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Show our Scholars Some Love this November ♥

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Give the gift of goodies this fall, send a scholar a care package!

Our mission this fall is to send every Esperanza scholar some much-needed mental and moral encouragement this fall, and we need your help. As students gear up for final exams, you can help them succeed and show your support with a tasty care package.

Your generous donation of $50 will ensure that each Esperanza scholar receives a goodie box full of healthy snacks and treats to give them the extra mental push they need to get through final exams and finish out the semester strong.

Buy a care package

A simple gift from you means the world. Thank you for helping us uplift and motivate our scholars!

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Sending a delicious care box to students as they prepare doodle jump for final exams is a great way to encourage them and wish them luck.


Which will provide them with geometry dash the additional cognitive boost necessary to successfully complete their final examinations and conclude the semester with determination.


A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal snake game


A very meaningful activity for students this fall. flappy bird

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