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Newsletter: October 2021

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Check out what's happening in the Esperanza Education Fund Community this month in our October 2021 Edition!

This month's highlights:

  • Scholar Success Day - Sponsors needed

  • FAFSA application now open

  • Get out the vote

  • Check out the movie A Bridge Apart

  • Alumni Spotlight - Meet Suhani

  • Get Involved - Volunteer, Join our Meetings

  • In the News

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The October 2021 newsletter from the Esperanza Education Fund community is full of great updates! The Scholar Success Day and FAFSA application info are especially helpful. And the Alumni Spotlight on Suhani is inspiring. It's awesome to see this community coming together, even if it's just virtually on omegle or elsewhere. Keep up the fantastic work!


The events planned for this month by the Esperanza Education Fund Community fill geometry dash breeze me with enthusiasm.


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