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Meet Our Team.

Our diverse, accomplished volunteer leaders on the Board of Directors are truly the backbone of Esperanza. Thanks to their dedication, passion, and talents, we are able to continue making an impact on the lives of immigrant students across the capital region.

We encourage you to reach out to any of our leaders to find out how you can get involved.


A Message 
from our Chair

Welcome to the Esperanza Education Fund!

I just want to start off with gratitude -- thank you for joining us and for you interest in supporting Esperanza! We have a strong history and have been around for over a decade, but this past year and a half has required more. More support, more creativity, and more flexibility. And so many have shown up with donations, with volunteering, with taking on even bigger roles in our organization. Even in a pandemic, we’ve been busy! We welcomed new Scholars, brought in new talent to meet new organizational needs, and we continued on. Thank you all!

Our Scholars have persevered after years of challenge and change -- political, social and economic. We exit because of them, and we wouldn't be what we are without their model resilience and excellence.  We ant to celebrate our new and current scholars, and again, we thank you! Cheers to many more years and Scholars to serve to come.


Abigail Omojola, Board Chair

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