Our Stories: Safa, Scholar (2019)

Safa, the 2019 Linda and Fred Thode Scholar, is a young woman who arrived in this country two years ago from Afghanistan.  English is her fifth language, which she spoke fluently after just 6 months of study before departing her native country.  Knowing how fortunate she was to get an education as a girl in Afghanistan, she and her classmates organized a protest in support of an Afghan girl who had been beaten to death.  She has volunteered both for the Red Crescent and the Red Cross, where she witnessed the need for better access to health care in both Afghanistan and the United States, inspiring her to become a doctor. Because she understood the value of education in one life, Safa was able to maintain a 4.05 GPA. Safa received the Good Citizen Award from the the Daughters of the American Revolution.  She will study Neuroscience and Pre-Med at George Mason University.