Our Stories: Rubi, Scholar (2014)

Rubi, an immigrant from Nepal, was ranked in the top 2% of her high school class. She took math and science classes at a local college through her high school’s prestigious Governor’s School program, served as a leader on her school’s robotics team, and participated in an internship program for women in engineering.

Ruby is majoring in computer engineering at Virginia Tech.  She aspires to work in the field of aircraft avionic systems when she graduates. Ruby has the distinction of being Esperanza’s 2014 Fred Wang Memorial Scholar.


“If you ask anyone that knows me, they will tell you that I have been fascinated by airplanes since a very young age. Now, I am a sophomore studying computer engineering at Virginia Tech who is aspiring to work in the field of avionic systems of aircraft. I interned at GE Aviation over the past summer and loved learning about airplanes and engines and will be going back this upcoming summer once again!”