Our Stories: Mike Easterly, Volunteer

Mike Easterly photoMichael Easterly, Volunteer, joined Esperanza in 2013, inspired for his mother’s work helping a Sudanese refugee get ready for college.  He works on the Mentorhip Committee and reads applications for the Scholarship Committee.

Mike is passionate about empowering others to identify and pursue new opportunities.  He founded a networking group for people with PhDs looking for nonacademic jobs.  The first of its kind in the country, it has inspired the creation of similar groups in 13 cities across the US and Canada.

Mike’s other obsession is financial chicanery – as an object of study, not an occupation.  He earned a PhD from UCLA, where he studied economic history and wrote a dissertation about loan sharking.  Following that, he worked for the Congressional commission that investigated the financial crisis of 2007-08 and helped write the final report, which became a New York Times best seller.