Stand with Scholars Through the COVID-19 Crisis

From the beginning, we’ve believed all students should have access to higher education regardless of their background. That’s why measures like resourcefulness and perseverance are ways we assess applicants — but their immigration status is not.

Our scholars have traveled great distances, both literally and metaphorically. In addition to hailing from a range of countries — Albania to Cameroon to Syria — our scholars also often come from low-income households and mixed-status families, or face other challenges unique to the immigrant experience.

Because of this, we know that our scholars and their families will be hit hard by this crisis .While new information is coming out all the time, what we are seeing unfold is a familiar story to many marginalized communities:

Many immigrants are being left out of critical relief efforts due to a lack of documentation — even as immigrant communities make up much of the frontline workforce.

Recent reports show that in states across the country, people of color are seeing their health and their pocketbooks disproportionately affected by the virus because of longstanding racial disparities in health and economic conditions.

And to add on to the burden many of our scholars’ families may experience, millions of college students are being left out of COVID-19 stimulus payments — denied the $1,200 stimulus package if they are claimed as dependents by their parents, but ineligible for the $500 child check because they are over 17.

At the same time, our scholars are navigating moving back in with family or finding other living arrangements, adjusting to classes online and other disruptions to their college plans, and dealing with the other uncertainties and anxieties brought on by the pandemic.

This community has provided the resources for scholars to attend and graduate from college, complete internships, find jobs, and so much more for over a decade. We have always taken care of each other, and know we must come together now. If you are able, please consider giving to Esperanza today to support our scholars.

There are many ways you can give, and every one of them makes a difference:

While we are ramping up our efforts to raise money to make sure our current and future scholars have what they need, we are also rethinking ways for volunteers to support scholars through this period, and adjusting this year’s application process for the next year of scholars. We are checking in with scholars and creating new ways for them to connect with each other and with us during a period when it’s easy to feel isolated. We won’t stop working for our scholars, and hope you’re with us in whatever way you can be.
Our deepest thanks,
The Esperanza Team