We are so proud to announce that Esperanza Education Fund was a Finalist for the Aspen Ideas Award at the 2016 Aspen Ideas Festival! 

Yesterday, our board chair, Francella Chinchilla (pictured above), pitched Aspen festival goers on our idea to create an online portal to connect our incredible scholars with all of our passionate volunteers in the DC metro area. This will serve as the network they need for college success.

The Aspen Institute has now set us up with a crowdfunding page to get this project funded. Please check out the page below to read more about our project idea and help us get our scholars across the finish line for college! And, please help spread the word about this exciting new project!

Crowdfunding page here!

Thank you to Booz Allen Hamilton for selecting us for this honor! And, of course, to the Aspen Institute for the opportunity to share our work.