Introducing Our New Director of Operations: Lissette Flores

05414d60-1965-42b2-9102-eb1cf5a58bed We’re thrilled to welcome our new Director of Operations, Lissette Flores, to the Esperanza Education Fund. Lissette has years of experience serving immigrant communities in Chicago and D.C. through direct services, non-profit management, and advocacy. In her free time, she serves on the board of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Alumni Association, D.C. Metro Chapter.

Lissette will work with our board to develop a fundraising strategy and manage marketing, volunteer and scholar relations. She is finishing her transition meetings with our outgoing Director of Operations, Alison Collier. You’ll soon be hearing from us about fall events where you’ll be able to meet Lissette and catch up with Esperanza. For now, please join us in welcoming Lissette!